Classic Club BMW Uruguay was founded on July 4, 2007 with a group of enthusiasts of the brand, interested in preserving the originality of their vehicles and the restoration of those.



Spark plugs.

The spark plugs in your gasoline engine ought to be replaced at every second oil service along with the air filter. Your BMW is due the yearly statutory inspection for vehicles 3 years and older.

Oil service.

The oil and oil filter in your BMW’s engine should be replaced to ensure optimum performance and help maintain efficiency. The microfilter(s) should also be replaced.

Front brakes.

The front brake pads on your BMW are close to their wear limit and need replacing. Your brake discs should also be checked.The brake fluid in your BMW should be substituted.


The objectives of the club are to promote the knowledge of the brand, its philosophy, and its image as well as provide service, support, information and complement them with different activities in an environment of camaraderie and responsible driving.

The club has a virtual library and a discussion forum open to anyone interested in the same objectives as the club. Are approved in our community, all those vehicles in original condition or in the process of restoration that maintain the originality of it, regardless of the year of its manufacture.

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    There are certain car manufactures whose names flash our minds when we think of quality cars. One such name is the German car manufacturer, BMW. The company produces cars that look elegant and has excellent performance. The brand is recognized all over the world and has reached an iconic level of success.

    The company was founded in the year 1916 by Karl Rapp and has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. BMW produces world-class luxury cars, and their cars are efficient all over the world.


    The following are some of the most expensive BMWs ever:

    BMW Nazca M12:

    The Nazca M12 cost about $650,000 and designed in the shape of a spider. Giorgetto Giugiaro designed the model in the year 1991. The car has some of the latest technology. The Italdesign was planned to be very thorough; It was ensured that the concept cars had a fully functional prototype. The design was good enough to be launch as a preproduction model. The car features a carbon fibre body, and only three cars were ever made in this model.

    BMW M8 Prototype:

    The company felt that there was not enough market demand for M8 and thus decided to keep the car under wraps for a long time. The car has a six-speed manual and a 500+hp grand tourer. The car is estimated to be around $590,000 but as the prototype is still unknown to the public and thus the price could be much higher.

    BMW M5 Touring G-Power Hurricane RS:

    The BMW M5 Touring G-Power Hurricane RS is called the world’s fastest station wagon. The car has set a record with a speed of 228.4 mph in the year 2008. The touring model was timed at 224 mph on the German autobahn, and it will be enough to get you back and forth from Trader Joe’s.

    BMW M5 G-Power Hurricane CS:

    BMW M5 G-Power Hurricane CS is another top performer from G-Power. The car is powered by a 750-hp V10 and has an improved performance in the lighter exhaust. Its suspension can be adjusted nine different ways. The car also has carbon fibre seats. The body of CS is also made up of carbon fibre to make sure that all four wheels on the ground.

    BMW X5 M G-Power Typhoon:

    BMW X5 M G-Power Typhoon is one of the SUVs model vehicles of the company; the car costs about $420,000.

    X5 M G-Power Typhoon is known for its orange trim interior and, as the G-Power concept where an intense 4.4-liter V8 engine produces 533 kW of torque that is regulated electronically.

    BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept:

    The CSL Hommage produces 430 bhp power and comes with a 3 l engine displacement capacity. The car has a maximum speed of the car is 280 kph, and its bhp/weight is 287 bhp/tonne.

    BMW is ranked the second most valuable car brand in the world. The ranking of the brand makes the blue and white roundel quite alluring. BMW shows its hard work which is spread across 100 years of existence. When the brand hit century last year, many people turned their attention towards it.


    The following are some of the things you did not know about BMW:

    Nurburgring test centre:

    The BMW Nurburgring test centre is located in Nordschleife. In this centre, most of the BMWs are tested. The Nurburgring test centre was initially an old premise of the BMW-Martini dealership back in the 1960s. The company had bought the place in the year 1991 and refurbished it in the year 2004. Dirk Haecker, the vice president of engineering of the company, says that BMW was first to test cars in Nordschleife. The test centre is the only centre that is located in an ancient town.

    Rapp Motor:

    The demand for aircraft engines was quite high in the world war one, at that time Rapp Motor had combined with Austro-Hungary and Prussia and produced some V12 aircraft engines. Since Rapp Motoren Werke had some problems with the fidelity of the aircraft engines they started to buy four-cylinder aircraft engines which were water-cooled from a factory named Gustav Otto. Later the Gustav Otto Flugmaschinefabrik had joined along with ‘Rapp-Motorenwerke’ and formed the company ‘Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke’ (BFW), that is, Bavarian Aircraft Works.

    Logo Design of BMW:

    The logo of the company is made out of blue and white colours, and the national state of Bavaria also contains the same colours.  How the company did not intend it to be in that way, and it was just a coincidence that both the flag and the logo of the company have the same design. The logo of BMW is said to represent a propeller and was used in the year 1929 by the marketing team.

    BMW Owns Mini and Rolls Royce:

    Most of the automotive giants have subsidiary companies, and BMW also has such companies. A huge company shows its dominance by having many subsidiaries under them. BMW also has a few subsidiaries and shows that it is a huge company. One of the most famous subsidiary company of BMW is the Rolls Royce and Mini. In the year 1994 BMW acquired Mini, and in the year 2002, it acquired Rolls Royce, and BMW established itself a global automotive giant.

    The fastest motorcycle world record went to BMW in the year 1937:

    The motorcycle was supercharged and aerodynamically slick. Back in 1937, the motorcycle was capable of doing 173.7mph.

    BMW would have become Mercedes:

    The company was on the verge of bankruptcy in the year 1959, and Mercedes was planning to take over the company, but in the end, BMW managed to revive itself back with the help of some minor shareholders.

    The question above doesn’t have a simple answer, but if I were to guess your situation I would say the answer is most likely a yes. The reasoning behind why you should get your garage door and opener repaired though really depends on the scenario. You need to take a look at your personal situation before you can really know the answer for yourself for certain. However, if you don’t want to do all of that thinking, the answer is still probably going to be a yes. If your garage door, garage door opener, or both are not working then you most likely are someone who needs to get them repaired.

    Garage door repairs might not be for everyone, but they are definitely for most people who have a garage door or opener that is broken or damaged in some way. If you use your garage to store your cars, like many people do. You will probably realize that without a working garage door opener your life becomes much more inconvenienced.You might not be able to open your garage door at all without the help of the opener and so then you are stuck with a car that is working but can’t be used until you get some garage door repairs done.

    If you aren’t someone who uses their garage to store their cars you might think that you really don’t need to care about repairs. Your garage door is rarely opened because you use the other door to move things in and out of the room. While you may be right that you don’t need the door too often, it is certainly going to be needed eventually. If you are using the room for storage then there are certainly going to be pieces or things that are put in and taken out through the garage door because of their size or bulkiness. This means that even if you are leaving your garage door in disrepair for long periods of time you are going to see some problems arise. You might not be able to get things out in time. You might miss opportunities like a garage sale, because you quite literally can’t use your garage door.

    Some people might not need to repair their garage door or opener when things go wrong. If you are someone who doesn’t use their garage at all, or you are thinking of demolishing your garage altogether, then you certainly don’t care about getting your garage door repaired. If you are one of these people then you can probably be confident in a decision to put off repairing your garage door. You may be slightly inconvenienced, but at the end of the day you’ll know that you never planned to use your garage anyway so the value of the garage was never really that useful to you anyway.

    That last subset of people is pretty small. If you are in that group you probably aren’t even going to be buying a home or renting a home with a garage. if you aren’t in that group then you definitely want to keep up with any garage door repairs.

    How to install your garage door: A step by step guide
    Many garage door manufacturers offer the full service. They will deliver your garage door and even install and test it for you.This is often the option homeowners tend to go for, given how heavy garage doors usually are. However, if you are an adept DIY fan, you may want to consider installing your own garage door. Not only will you get the satisfaction of having done it on your own, you will also save some pennies in the process.
    Installing your garage doors should not be a daunting task. However, you need to be extremely careful. If your old garage door uses a torsion spring, it may be best to call a professional garage door installer to remove it for you. Torsion spring garage doors work under high pressure which makes them extremely dangerous.

    Here are the steps to follow when installing your own garage doors
    1. Attach the weather stripping
    Weather stripping is usually found at the bottom of the garage door. You will have to attach the weather stripping first and then screw cable brackets into the panel to ensure the stripping stays in place. You can then go ahead to fix in that door panel by driving nails into it partway. Most new doors come with holes drilled in by the manufacturer. If yours doesn’t, you can drill them yourself. These holes are used when attaching the hinges. Insert the rollers into the brackets attached to the door.

    2. Insert the tracks
    For this step, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Assemble the various parts needed for the tracks and insert the rollers into the track. Screw the track into the door frame. You will then need to install the vertical tracks on the first door section. Do so for both sides.

    3. Attach the second door panel
    Attach hinges to the second panel and set it on top of the first panel. Drive in screws to join the two panels and ensure you have fastened the hinges. A power drill with a screwdriver tip will make this easier for you. Insert the hinge and roller and attach to the second panel. You can then attach the third panel in the same way.

    4. Adjust the track
    Once all three panels have been attached, you can adjust the track to ensure the door fits without rubbing. Using a ratchet wrench, tighten the lag screws and make sure they go into the sound framing.

    5. Connect the vertical sections to the horizontal ones.
    For this, you will use the curved corner tracks. You can bolt the pieces together if necessary. Cut the rear track to the length necessary to support the track (check with the horizontal track). Screw the track hanger onto the ceiling and loosely mount the track. Secure the last door section in place and remove any temporary nails.

    Once the garage door repair is in place, you can test the tension by opening and closing it. You will also have to check the alignment of the tracks. Make sure all hinges and screws are fastened. Installing your own garage door can be pretty fun. Just ensure you have a helper for some of the above steps.


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    • “I think what I enjoyed most was the power of the car in any of the BMW I’ve had, both in the race and in the road. To 130 and you set a third to go to another car and keep climbing … you have the engine to keep pushing, I think that is what you like the most: the power of the car. ” Dennis A. Melvin
    • “I think due to the sound. The sound of the BMW engine is unmistakable, when I was 20 and a few years old, the model that was in those times was the BMW 2002, I felt it sound, and I already knew it was a BMW. At the time I had been a naval mechanic and a few naval officers had BMW 2002. I looked at them and said “some day I will have one of these”. It wasn’t given in 2002, but I had the 320.”
      Dominic J. Watts

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